Sustainable tourism in the east of Verona

La Dorsale della Storia

Itineraries to discover Eastern Verona through the path of the Vecia Via della Lana

The route 'Vecia Via della Lana' has been upgraded thanks to the Progetto Chiave 02 of the Baldo-Lessinia LAG (Local Action Group), entitled 'Development of Sustainable Tourism in Eastern Verona: La Dorsale della Storia'. Among the main innovations envisaged for the 2014/2022 Local Development Programmes, there was the possibility for Veneto LAGs to implement 'Progetti Chiave', i.e. integrated initiatives aimed at fostering interaction between public and private entities for the growth and development of the reference territories. 

In this specific case, the Baldo-Lessinia LAG has valorised and interconnected a network of paths that already existed to a large extent, upgraded by the commitment of eight municipalities (Badia Calavena, Cazzano di Tramigna, Illasi, Monteforte d'Alpone, Roncà, Selva di Progno, Soave, Tregnago) and enhanced by the investments made by private individuals that have allowed the area's tourist offer to grow and improve. 

Among the latter, there is a list of beneficiaries who have obtained and used funding from the Baldo-Lessinia LAG precisely to improve their offer and to become leading actors in an environmental and tourist enhancement that is now appreciated by so many visitors.

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All itineraries, technical information, insights and points of interest on La Dorsale della Storia and the Vecia Via della Lana.

List of Beneficiaries of TI 6.4.1 and TI 6.4.2 implemented in the municipalities of Progetto Chiave 02*

Balestri Valda Soc. Agr.
Via Monti, 44 – Soave VR

Società Agricola T.e.s.s.a.r.i. S.s. 
Via Fontana Nuova, 86 – Monteforte d’Alpone VR

Osteria Ljetzan di Boschi Giorgio
Piazza Don Mercante, 6 – Selva di Progno VR

Pasticceria Artigiana di Dal Forno Sandro & C. s.a.s.
Via Roma, 22 – Badia Calavena VR

Panificio Tessari di Pressi Margherita
Santo Stefano, 36 – Fraz. BrognoligoMonteforte d’Alpone VR

B&B Palazzo Fritz di Chiara Castagna
Via Roma, 3 – Badia Calavena VR

Ristorante Ca’ Del Diaolo S.a.s. di Marana Fausto & C.
Via Ca’ De Diaolo, 4/B – Badia Calavena VR

Alimentari Boschi di Boschi Paola
Via Trento, 10 – Selva di Progno VR

Rifugio Monte Torla di Colombari Ilaria
Località Torla, 1 – Campofontana, Selva di Progno VR

La Nube – HYGGE s.r.l.s. di Danese Ambra 
Loc. Nube d’Argento, 5 – Campofontana, Selva Di Progno VR

Bar Ristorante Pizzeria Il Remilla di Massalongo Danila
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 12 – Selva di Progno VR

Pasticceria Temptations S.a.s. di Lunardon Giulia e C.
Via San Matteo, 66/C – Soave VR

* Public call TI 6.4.1 "Creazione e sviluppo della diversificazione delle imprese agricole" and public call TI 6.4.2 "Creazione e sviluppo di attività extra-agricole nelle aree rurali" of the Local Development Programme "IN.S.I.E.M.&" 2014-2022

The Progetto Chiave 02 also gained wide visibility thanks to the printing and dissemination of several thousand multimedia brochures containing the GPX tracks of the 8 proposed routes, identified starting from the Vecia Via della Lana. An emotional video presenting these routes, which can be enjoyed on foot or by bicycle, was also produced, and in July 2023 a group of journalists from the regional and national press visited the east of Verona, as guests of a press tour.  

These communication and territorial promotion tools and activities have also involved four other Progetti Chiave, covering the entire territory of the Baldo-Lessinia LAG, and the material produced can be viewed and downloaded at

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