itinerary 5 - illasi

Villas, courtyards and ancient churches between Illasi and its hills

The territory of Illasi, characterized by the presence of ancient churches, buildings, palaces and noble villas with their gardens and parks, expands into the lower valley where it meets the nearby Valle di Mezzane. Following the route of the Vecia Via della Lana, the eastern ridge of the Tenda and Manero hills hosts this panoramic itinerary which will take us partially down the hill to Val Tramigna for a visit to the ancient church of San Colombano.

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Hiking trail

Technical data of the route

11,5 km


+300 m

Elevation Gain

3:45 h

estimated time



The historic villas of Illasi

Illasi is famous for its historic villas. These sumptuous residences, with magnificent facades and enchanting gardens, are an elegant testimony to the area's past and architectural beauty. A treasure to be discovered, offering a unique experience immersed in the history of this area.


Church and Sanctuary of San Colombano

The church of San Colombano was built along the southern slopes of the Val Tramigna in the 14th century. Despite the many renovations, artistic elements are still present inside that prove the long life of this church, such as the fresco of San Colombano and that of the Madonna with Child, which has always been much revered by the local population.


The ruins of Illasi Castle

The ruins of Illasi Castle, located on a panoramic hill, are fascinating vestiges of an ancient castle. The stone walls and ruined towers evoke a mysterious atmosphere and offer spectacular views. A place of great historical interest and fascination.

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