itinerary 6 - Soave

The village of Soave between history and landscapes

The medieval village of Soave, famous for its iconic castle, for its city walls and for the ancient religious buildings that characterize the historic center, is the starting point of this itinerary. This path will allow us to get to know better this picturesque town, but also to immerse in the suggestive rural landscape of the lower Val Tramigna. You’ll walk through lush vineyards and breathtaking panoramic views from the southern slope of Monte Foscarin.

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Hiking trail

Technical data of the route

7,5 km


+200 m

Elevation Gain

2:45 h

estimated time



The Scaliger Walls

The Scaliger Walls of Soave, built in the 13th century, surround the old town and offer a spectacular panorama and medieval atmosphere. An unmissable attraction for lovers of history and architecture embracing Soave, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.


The Cathedral of San Lorenzo

The Pieve di San Lorenzo is the parish cathedral of Soave. Built in the 14th century, it was rebuilt in 1758 and enlarged in 1884. Inside are Baroque altars, precious paintings and a 19th-century organ. The bell tower houses nine bells cast in 1904.


Palazzo del Capitano

The Palazzo del Capitano, also known as Palazzo Scaligero, is a municipal building in Soave. Built in the 14th century, it was recently restored and houses the Baldo-Lessinia LAG. It is a venue for cultural events and art installations.


Medieval Castle of Soave

The castle of Soave is one of the most spectacular medieval elements in the Veneto region. It was built starting from the 10th century, and owned by various owners including the Scaligeri lords of Verona. Over time, many events comporomised its structure, until the important restoration commissioned by Giulio Camuzzoni at the end of the 19th century gave it back its original majesty.


The Zanella Park

The Zanella Park in Soave is an oasis of biodiversity next to the Palazzo del Capitano. The park features a charming garden with a staircase and a botanical garden dedicated to medieval plants. Local associations take care of the park and organise events to promote the area.

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