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Itineraries to discover Eastern Verona through the path of the Vecia Via della Lana

Vecia Via della Lana

Vecia Via della Lana is an itinerary of approximately 30 kilometres intended for hiking, walking or horseback riding, or bicycle touring, immersed in a landscape and environment of rare beauty.

The route, which crosses six municipalities in the eastern part of Verona, originates from a traditional path once used by the inhabitants of eastern Lessinia to bring raw wool to the bottom of the valley, specifically to Soave, to be sold in the local market.

The LAG Baldo-Lessinia (Local Action Group) contributed by providing resources to public (municipalities) and private entities to interconnect existing paths and routes, which are now available in a single itinerary.


Discover all the municipalities connected by the Vecia Via della Lana


Many proposals for discovering this area, on foot or by bicycle


The development of rural tourism in the eastern part of the LAG territory

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