itinerary 1 - Selva di progno

The districts of San Bortolo and the wonders of the Tanara Valley

San Bortolo, a town historically known as “San Bartolomeo delle Montagne”, is one of the XIII Cimbrian municipalities of Lessinia. It is the starting point of this suggestive itinerary which crosses the impervious and scenic Val Tanara and some of the characteristic districts of this territory. Small signs of popular art, such as shrines, crosses and votive recess, will accompany us through the borderlands of upper Val d’Illasi and Val del Chiampo.

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Hiking trail

Technical data of the route

5 km


+350 m

Elevation Gain

2 h

estimated time



Trombini museum of San Bortolo

This museum, which is part of the museum system of the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia, was set up to highlight the 'trombino', a muzzle-loading weapon also known by the dialect term 's-ciopo da festa'. It is used to accompany traditional festivals, fairs and festivals in the villages of eastern Lessinia with its thunderous bursts.



Panoramic view of the ridge near contrada Finco, in the municipality of Selva di Progno (VR)

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