itinerary 8 - roncà

The paths of Roncà among natural, historical and cultural beauties

A pleasant excursion that from the Parish Church of Roncà goes up to the suggestive Val Nera. Its picturesque stream runs among sparkling waterfalls, ancient columnar basalts and important fossil sites. Along the way, in the second part of the route, the hilly woods alternate with large areas cultivated with vineyards, olive groves and various orchards. You will go through some historic rural districts of the area, such as Zamboni and Colombara.

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Hiking trail

Technical data of the route

6,5 km


+250 m

Elevation Gain

2:30 h

estimated time


Paleontological Museum of Roncà

This museum is part of the museum system of the Lessinia Regional Natural Park. It was established in 1973 to enhance the particular geological characteristics of the area and, above all, the deposits of fossils discovered near Roncà and its hamlets, from where important archeological finds come such as those of Cenozoic molluscs.


Val Nera nature trail

In the vicinity of the museum, a nature trail has been created through the picturesque Val Nera. Along this route one can admire numerous small waterfalls and water jumps, with bases formed from columnar basalt, a black coloured rock. This area represents the eastern part of the Lessinia Regional Nature Park, offering interesting geographical, faunal and floral features. The path allows you to visit the main paleontological areas of the area, crossing land cultivated with olive trees, vines and cherry trees, typical crops of the Roncà area.


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