itinerary 3 - tregnago

The panoramic hills of Tregnago and the ruins of the ancient castle

The hilly ridges that dominate the municipal area of Tregnago are rich in historical evidence and hide corners of rare scenic beauty. This itinerary will allow us to discover its peculiarities: from the ruins of the ancient castle, the panoramic slopes of Monte Precastiolo, the luxuriant woods towards Precastio, to Croce del Vento, an important crossroad on the ridge and point of connection with the Vecia Via della Lana.

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Hiking trail

Technical data of the route

8,5 km


+400 m

Elevation Gain

3:30 h

estimated time


Medieval castle ruins

The ruins of this ancient castle are located just above the town, on the eastern slope of the Precastio and Precastiolo hills. The castle was built over a Roman structure between the 11th and 12th centuries. It was part of a complex network of fortifications built in order to defend the villages of Val d’Illasi.


Views of the Monte Precastio e Precastiolo

Panoramic view of the ridge from the Monte Precastio e Precastiolo, in the municipality of Selva di Progno (VR).


Town Hall and Municipal Library


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