The 'Vecia Via della Lana' is an evocative route that winds its way through the eastern part of Verona, along one of the ridges of the Monti Lessini, in the landscape of Val Tramigna, Val d'Illasi and Val d'Alpone. This path, used since ancient times, was an important route for transhumance and the transport of raw wool to factories in the nearby valleys. Today, it is an ideal itinerary for cycling, hiking and equestrian tourism enthusiasts, starting from Soave and reaching San Bortolo, in the municipality of Selva di Progno, covering almost 30 kilometres. The route passes through varied natural environments, including broadleaf forests, hilly landscapes, vineyards, cherry orchards and breathtaking views.

Along the Vecia Via della Lana, one can visit places of historical, architectural and cultural interest, and the area is also known for its wine production. The route alternates between stretches paved in concrete and paths surrounded by greenery and offers several opportunities for stops and refreshments, with the possibility of tasting traditional local dishes.

A destination for many cyclists and others, the Vecia Via della Lana is one of the most frequented routes throughout the year and is the racing ground for some of Italy's most famous granfondo cycling competitions.

Below you can download the GPX file of the route and its map.

Technical data of the original route (variants excluded)

+400 m

Elevation Gain

30 km


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